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Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life!

The "Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life!" seminars are geared to corporations and individuals wanting to make positive changes in their attitudes, work ethics, and lifestyles. 

       Seminars involve group interaction, guest speakers, and insights into new ways of living.  Pink Lady is available to present her seminars at:

  • Corporations
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Adult Centers
  • Universities
  • Conventions
  • Cruise Lines
  • Clubs
  • Special Events
Below are a few seminar topics that have succeeded in helping people reach their fullest potential.

1. "Getting Your Life Together: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually"
Pink Lady takes you on a soul-searching journey that involves your life's experiences and shows you how to incorporate them into fun-filled adventures to enjoy each and every day.

2. "Reinventing Yourself"
A one-on-one seminar series to help people prepare themselves to make today the best time of their lives.  Pink Lady takes them out of themselves by delving within and shows them how, why, and what they can do to reinvent themselves.

3. "Words for the Wise"
Makes it possible for a person of any age to feel that they are capable of accomplishing anything they set out to do.  Choosing how to take the "middle years of your life" to create a surprise adventure making the last chapters of your story filled with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

4. "Effective Communication"
Pink Lady's favorite topic.  In this seminar, she helps people get along with everyone and shows all of us how to communicate with difficult family/friends/significant others by ending the "negative and beginning the positive."

5. "Grandparents as Parents"
The #1 most popular seminar.  Pink Lady helps her audience find a satisfactory way to cope with the new role that many are now facing - bringing up their grandchildren. Pink Lady teaches survival clues, enabling her audience to do a better job and keep their sanity as they help their children, with their children.

6. "Humor in Life"
Pink Lady says that humor makes everyone realize that no matter who we are or what is happening in our lives, we all need humor to survive everyday life.  Cute stories and funny anecdotes to make us "cry with laughter," has everyone enjoying these seminars.

7. "Senior Sexuality"
Her most important and controversial topics for both men and women.  Pink Lady discusses not being dead, but being truly alive in discovering mature, romantic relationships.  She shows her audience how to meet, keep, and end relationships in this fun, no holds barred series.

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